Chessy Prout visits talking about her sexual assault

Chessy Prout was sexually assaulted at St. Paul’s in New Hampshire at the age of 15.


Chessy Prout, after writing a memoir about her sexual assault, visited the school to talk about sexual assault. photo by Grace Fiorella

by Grace Fiorella , Photographer

Students and faculty gather to listen to the author Chessy Prout speak on behalf of her memoir she recently released about her story of her sexual assault. Chessy Prout’s book sharing was held in the M&A Building Auditorium March 22.

Prout was raised in Japan, but after the huge earthquake that destroyed her home, she soon came to America. She attended St. Paul’s boarding school in New Hampshire. Soon later, she was assaulted at the age of fifteen.

Prout mostly talked about how brutal the process was for her, and how she still has to deal with it everyday life. She speaks about how sexual assault can be belittled and how people can think victims can just easily move on.  Prout feels like this is an issue that should be talked more about and that everyone deserves their basic rights.