Students and teachers attend March for our Lives to protest against gun violence

A group of students and teachers went to the March for our Lives located at Theis Park March 24.

by Kate Jones, Meghan Baker, and Anna Louise Sih

The March for our Lives took place March 24 and a group of teachers and students attended in solidarity with those affected by gun violence. Organized by social studies teachers Alicia Stewart, Anne Papineau, Casey O’Flaherty, language arts teacher Kate Absher and theology and campus ministry teacher Jennifer Greene, students and teachers met at Central United Methodist Church and walked to the park together.

Senior Maura Graham attended the march and was very proud to go and represent the school. For her, the march was a way to attempt to make real, concrete change about something she cares deeply about.

“I decided to march because I think that while a lot of us have gotten pretty good about sitting around and talking about ideas, we aren’t always the best at practicing and putting those ideals into action,” Graham said.