Sophomore Mia Falcon sells bracelets in memory of Alex Carney at SME

Alex Carney was in a serious car accident that caused his death.


Sophomore Mia Falcon sold bracelets in memory of Alex Carney. Her bracelet sits on a table. photo courtesy of Mia Falcon

by Riley McNett, Snapchat Editor

Sophomore Mia Falcon has been selling bracelets in the memory of a friend and Shawnee Mission East High School sophomore, Alex Carney. Carney was involved in a very serious car accident and was removed from the scene in critical condition.

“He was in the hospital for about a week when the doctors determined there was no chance of survival,” said Falcon.

A few days later he was taken off of life support, and all of his organs were donated.

Falcon knew Alex for about six years and teamed up with one of his other close friends to create the wristbands.

“Alex was friends with so many people,” said Falcon. “Our goal was to have people be able to have a memory of Alex that they could always wear with them.”