Rotary club makes blankets for KC homeless

Rotary Interact Club made homemade blankets for the homeless.


Junior Holy Phalen and senior Megan Warnecke worked together on a blanket during activity Feb. 2. Rotary is an extracurricular dedicated to service. photo by Gabrielle Pesek

by Gabrielle Pesek, Writer

Rotary Interact Club made knot blankets for the homeless in KC on Feb. 1. Rotary Club is an extracurricular at the school that focuses on hands-on service work in the community and found a way to change this. The next day members Holly Phalen, Gabby Staker, Megan Warnecke and Emily Zapien drove around the Plaza passing out blankets to any homeless they met.

“It was good to be pushed out of my comfort zone and confront the issue of poverty in Kansas City,” Warnecke said. “I had a lot of fun spending time with the other girls and seeing the joy our actions brought to others.”