Laura Gonzales to take the lead on Bistro’s Hispanic dishes

Bistro is excited for chef Gonzales to periodically serve as head cook.


Margaux Renee

Bistro chefs Laura, Jordan and Scott work together in the kitchen Jan. 10. photo by Margaux Renee

by Margaux Renee, Features Editor

Bistro chef Laura Gonzales is set to serve as head cook for Bistro’s Hispanic dishes this coming semester.

“I’ll primarily be cooking Peruvian food, but if there are any other Hispanic dishes that I know I can cook well, I will probably cook those too,” Gonzales said by way of a translator.

Gonzales is a native of Peru where her mother also worked for a cafeteria, and she was able to start getting cooking experience at a young age. Gonzales is continuing the tradition as well as working with her own daughter, Spanish teacher Maria Gonzales.

Head chef Scott Brake explained why Bistro wanted to expand its horizons.

“We’re always trying to get you girls to try different things,” Brake said, adding that the idea came from the school’s push to promote and encourage diversity.

“We’re excited for something new,” Brake said.

Aji ole Gallina is made of stewed chicken in a chili cream sauce with potatoes and rice. photo by Trang Nguyen

Gonzales will be cooking special dishes about three to four times a month, such as “Aji ole Gallina,” a stewed chicken dish in a chili cream sauce with potatoes and rice. The dish was enjoyed by students on Tuesday, making it the first of Gonzales’ creations this semester.