STA holds first club day of the year

Clubs and some extracurriculars gathered for the first meeting of the year Sept. 29.


Seniors Kathleen Graham and Grace Oest talk to World Cultures Club participants Sept. 29. Graham is President and Oest is Vice-President. photo by Riley McNett

by Riley McNett, Snapchat Editor

Clubs and some extracurriculars met for the first club day Sept. 29. Clubs were given both activity periods to do various activities such as introductions, planning, dancing and watching movies.

The only new club this school year is Graphic Design Club.  This club was started by graphic design and art teacher, Kelly Scott and senior Ruthie McKee and junior Caroline Reynolds.

“I got the idea around last year, but I wanted to start it to have a community to build your graphic design portfolio and create marketing designs for the school,” said Reynolds.

McKee is excited to see everyone’s graphic designs and how their creativity will blossom.

Another newer club is the Pre-Health Club. Senior and president of Pre-Health Club, Taylor Crimmins think that it will be very interactive this year.

“Pre-Health club is a very unique club,” Crimmins said. “We wanted to create a fun club that also has a very good learning experience. There is probably going to be lots of hands-on activities.”

On the other end of the spectrum, senior Mamie Murphy has been apart of World Cultures club for four years and has seen it change over the years.

“Freshmen year, it was really small,” Murphy said. “Sophomore year, it was a huge club with like 60 people in it. The last two years have been pretty similar, but we stopped getting food and have learned about more countries.”