STA responds to recent events with chalk drawings and an all school assembly

Seniors decorated the quad with chalk drawings Sept. 24 and an all school assembly was held Sept. 26.


Kate Jones

Seniors drew chalk art in the quad Sept. 24. photo by Kate Jones

by Reagan Penn, Writer

Sunday afternoon, Sept. 24, a group of seniors wrote uplifting and inspiring messages with chalk in the quad. Students were greeted by these messages when they arrived to school Monday morning.

The group of seniors was created by senior Emilie Blanck. Senior Bridget Graham said that the purpose was “really just to spread positivity.”

“We wanted to remind the school, and everyone what STA is really about, which is empowering women to make strong choices and make positive impacts in their community,” Graham said.

Sept. 26, an assembly was held in the auditorium. During the assembly, campus minister Andrea Essner led the school in prayer, STA president Nan Bone spoke, as well as senior class president Natalie Kistler. At the conclusion of the assembly, students were sent back to their advisories to discuss their opinions of recent events in which a small group of STA students posted a Snapchat of a drinking game, where the cups were formed into a swastika.

In Kistler’s speech at the assembly, she asked students to look down at their skirts, just as she did on the first day of school.

“While we may have added a darker stain to our skirts these past weeks, we must remember our connection to each other and build upon the strong support of the sisterhood to find unity with one another during this time of turmoil,” Kistler said.


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