Students audition for fall musical

Actors, singers and dancers competed to participate in this year’s show.


Margaux Renee

Students watch junior Gurman Thabal perform a monologue as part of auditions on Wed. Aug. 30th.

by Margaux Renee, Features Editor

story by Margaux Renee

Auditions for STA’s fall musical, 9 to 5 began Tuesday and were open to all STA students along with any area high school boys. The auditions were held after school on Tuesday and Wednesday, with callbacks on Thursday. Students demonstrated their abilities to sing, act and dance for a chance to participate in the production. 

Junior Margaret Jordahl auditioned for her third musical at STA this year.

“The feeling during audition week is very stressful and nerve wracking, but overall very rewarding,” Jordahl said.

9 to 5 is a double cast this year with nearly 40 students getting parts. The musical will run Nov. 8 through 11.