NEDA walk inspired many this past weekend

A walk held at Theis Park this past Saturday raised money for the National Eating Disorder Association. The NEDA helps raise awareness about eating disorders.


Two of the speakers at the walk hold a NEDA sign and pose for a picture right before walking Aug. 26. Both of the speakers spoke about their struggles with eating disorders. photo by Madeline Loehr

by Madeline Loehr, Photographer

On Saturday, Aug. 26, people from all over the Kansas City area gathered at Theis Park for the NEDA Walk. NEDA stands for National Eating Disorder Association, which is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to stopping eating disorders and getting those with eating disorders help. The walk on Saturday helped raise money for NEDA, and had a goal of $30,000. Many of the people at the walk had recovered from an eating disorder, were currently in recovery or were walking for any friend or family member who has or had previously an eating disorder.

Junior Claire Wunder attended the walk for the first time on Saturday. She has also participated in other events to help raise money for NEDA, like a lemonade stand. She shared what advice she would have for anyone struggling with an eating disorder.

“Reach out to anyone you’re comfortable with because it’s very hard to come out about it, but recovery is so much better than suffering in silence,” Wunder said.