STA views the ‘Great American Eclipse’

Students, faculty and teachers watched the eclipse as it passed over America on Aug. 21. The eclipse was viewed with 99 percent totality from campus.


Students view the eclipse as it reaches its peak over campus. 99 percent totality was visible from STA. photo by Lily Manning

by Lily Manning, Editor-in-Chief

Students and faculty gathered in the quad on Monday Aug. 21, to witness the ‘Great American Eclipse’. 99 percent totality was visible from STA’s campus, where glasses were provided to all students and a special schedule took place to view the partial eclipse.

Many students traveled just north to be fully immersed in the path of totality. The number of absences was predicted to be so high that STA administration made the school day an excused absence. Senior Kelly Blickhan was one of the students who missed school. Blickhan traveled to Liberty to watch the eclipse.

“I was reading online and saw a pictures that showed how long you could view the eclipse based on where you are in Missouri,” Blickhan said. “In Kansas City you could only see it for about 20 seconds, so I decided to go further north to view it for longer.”