What to do and what not to do for Teresian

For students new to Teresian, here are a few tips from other students.


Senior Madelyn Peters poses next to a variety of heels in front of the M&A building. photo by Cassie Hayes

by Sophy Silva and Cassie Hayes

Students were asked about what advice that they would have received beforehand about Teresian, as well as what advice they would give to students attending for the first time.


  • Do plan ahead, but not too far ahead. It is great to know in advance what your plans are, but do not stress out too much over them. Some students suggest making plans for Teresian about a month before but it is entirely up to you.
  • Don’t worry too much about pictures, it is best to do them beforehand, rather than during the event. You also do not need to be picture perfect for the entire event because it is not all about how you look.
  • Do order early when it comes to purchasing clothing. It is not recommended to order a dress online, since sizing can be off. If you do choose to order a dress online, make sure you know what you are getting into. Order it early, just in case shipping takes longer than planned or you have to return it.
  • Don’t splurge on shoes, because you will be taking them off when you get to the gym. Several students recommend bringing socks, since walking barefoot on the gym floor can get uncomfortable, and your feet may pick up dirt from the ground.
  • Do dress up for the occasion, but also comfortably. Pick out a dress that is easy to move around in, especially if you are dancing. You do not have to wear something that is very formal, unless you want to. Second, wear jewelry that will not fall off or get stuck to clothing.
  • Do eat dinner before the dance, but do not feel obliged that you have to go somewhere nice. Parking on the plaza can be a hassle.
  • Do not stress out about dates. You should not feel pressured that you have to go with a date, as more students go with groups of friends than you think. Invite one of your friends who does not attend STA if you can.
  • Do try to connect with your date. If you are taking a date that you do not know very well, make sure to meet up with them beforehand. This will make it more comfortable and less awkward for you and your partner.
  • Do not ditch your friends or date.You are not required to be with your date or your friends for the entire dance, but do not ditch them completely.
  • Do try to exit the dance quickly and safely. After the dance, getting shoes and other belongings can be quite hectic. Leaving your shoes in the car is probably a better idea than waiting in line for a while, if you want to leave sooner.
  • Do or do not go to after parties, and the decision is totally up to you. After parties can be great, as well as not so great. Only go if you feel comfortable in that setting and you should not feel pressured to do so.
  • Do be yourself at Teresian. Do not let your friends or your partner dictate what you do. If you want to whip out on the dance floor, go ahead! If you do not feel comfortable dancing, then you are totally fine.
  • Do live in the moment. Most importantly, Teresian is also not supposed to be absolutely perfect, or the time of your life, so do not worry if your evening does not go as planned. The main goal of this event is to have fun, and you are in complete control of that.


Along with the tips, some students sent in anonymous confessions on some of their moments at Teresian. For laughs, here are a few of those.

“I forgot my friend’s date’s name, multiple times. He corrected me maybe three times and I never got it. Pretty sure he hates me now.”

“At my first Teresian, my friend jokingly tried to unzip my dress and she broke the zipper. I was wearing sticky boobs and had to fasten it together with my earrings and a pony tail holder to keep it shut for the rest of the dance.”

“My date last year, split his pants (in the knee) when he slid on the ‘dance floor’.”

“I threw up at Rockhurst homecoming and Teresian. The first was because I ate way too much Alfredo before. The second was because I was nervous I would throw up again.”

“I got set up with a guy who my friend said she knew (turns out she hadn’t seen him in years) and he wouldn’t talk to me despite my many attempts.”