STA hosts freshman retreat

Freshmen watch shows from Disney Channel and Nickelodeon during the freshman retreat Oct. 4.

by Ella Norton, Editor-in-chief

October 7, 2019

The freshman retreat is held annually in the fall.

International Day presents authentic culture

Senior Denisia Pintilie poses with her booth, representing Romania, at International Day Sept. 26. photo by Sophia Durone

by Sophia Durone, Features Editor

September 29, 2019

International Day provided an opportunity for community members to share their culture with STA.

Social media sponsorships skew our perception of realistic health standards

A student holds up a phone with an image of a shake on it. Social media is credited as an influence on diet culture. photo illustration by Anna Ronan

by Editorial Board

September 16, 2019

Social media sponsorships do not promote realistic healthy living.

Unfamiliar Faces

Mimi Harman- New STA theology teacher. photo by Katie Massman

by Carmon Baker, Web Editor

September 13, 2019

I would just tell them to try anything and everything that they want to do and to do it fearlessly. If you have something that you’re interested in and you’re not sure it’s going to go well or you might not like it, just try it because you only have so long in your life to try some of these things because you get busy and things come up and everything starts to narrow as you get older, and, right now, they have such an opportunity to do really whatever they want and just go for it full force, and that’s what I would recommend to anybody.

A month as mayor

Mayor Quinton Lucas shakes retired Mayor Charles Wheeler’s hand during the inaugural cocktail party Aug. 3. Lucas was celebrating his new beginning as Mayor of Kansas City while spending time  with Wheeler. photo courtesy of Rivas Photography

by Lilly Frisch, Writer/Page Designer

September 13, 2019

Quinton Lucas has made plans to make the community safer and more efficient after one month in office.

Rockhurst High School hosts college fair

Hundreds of families came from around the Kansas City area to browse colleges Sept. 5. photo by Claire Smith

by Claire Smith, Design Editor

September 6, 2019

Students and parents arrived in swarms to go down the lines of schools, gather information and talk to representatives.

Theater department holds auditions for “Once Upon a Mattress”

Three sophomores discuss their parts together while getting ready to audition Aug. 27. photo by Lily Sage

by Lily Sage

August 26, 2019

This year's musical is "Once Upon a Mattress."

End of year mass celebrates Nan Bone

Marissa Areaho and Elizabeth Para walk up the middle aisle as Nan Bone sways arm and arm to

by Claire Smith, Writer

May 18, 2019

Mass was held Friday to commemorate the end of the year.

STEAM: Certifying experience

Senior Macy Bauers explains her project for an engineering class May 2. Bauers is one of the seniors who received their STEM certificate this year. photo by Carmon Baker

by Ella Norton, Features Editor

May 6, 2019

STA has been declared STEM certified. With STA's STEM initiative, some seniors are graduating with STEM certificates.

Seniors commit to colleges for sports

Seniors sit during their signing ceremony in the gym April 17. Ten seniors this year were a part of the signing ceremony. photo by Annabelle Meloy

by Annabelle Meloy, News Editor

April 17, 2019

Athletes from the senior class have committed to schools to play sports including basketball, lacrosse, swimming, dance and more.

Gallery: Mother-Daughter Luncheon 2019

 Seniors Reece Knudson, from left, Isabel Shorter and Victoria Parsons walk down the catwalk during the Senior Fashion Show Mar. 31. Shorter dropped to the floor while  Knudson and Parsons raised their hands and walked over her. photo by Tess Jones

by Tess Jones and Claudia Benge

April 4, 2019

Mother Daughter Luncheon was held Mar. 31 at Kansas City Marriott Downtown.

Guns shape and shock Kansas City

A police car sits outside the Plaza Tivol store as part of the area’s security system March 2. During the Oct. 17 Plaza shooting, security captured the gunmen quickly since multiple policemen were surveying the area at the time. photo by Amy Schaffer

by Carmon Baker, Staff Writer

April 2, 2019

According to the Kansas City Police Department, in 2018, there were 135 homicides in Kansas City. Out of these homicides, 129 were committed by guns.