Humans of STA

Students from the STA student body all have an underlying story that makes them unique. This cycle the Dart is covering Junior Grace Stordhal’s jewelry business, Senior Audrey Erdman’s new music and Senior Audrey Flavin’s car.


by Rebecca Speier, Editor-in-Chief

Audrey Erdman: 

Senior Audrey Erdman wrote and produced her single called “Poison” Sept. 6. Erdman plans to produce more songs in the future to pursue her music career. photo courtesy of Audrey Erdman

What inspired you to produce this song and why?

Honestly, my inspiration came from my friends. I showed them the song I had written, and they were speechless. They told me if I didn’t produce this song, they would be so mad. My friend Olivia was the one to call the studio because I was too nervous! I have always written music, starting at like seven years old. It’s been a dream of mine to produce my own music, but I never felt that it could be possible. I have a songbook filled with probably 50 songs through the past 10 years. They have definitely gotten better as I’ve aged!





Grace Stordahl:

What inspired you to start this business, and about how many sales have you had? 

I started watching necklace making on TikTok, and it seemed fun so I decided to order beads and see if I could sell them. So far I have around 15 sales, which was slow at first, but now with students here ordering, it is starting to spread that I have a business. It has even reached Notre Dame de Sion, which I would say is successful. I get excited every time someone orders. 

Sophomore Grace Stordahl got her inspiration for her business from TikTok Sept. 9. Stordahl is hoping to save money for a car from her sales. photo by Becca Speier










Audrey Flavin: 

Do you think your blue slug bug is an essential part of you, and why?

I think my car is an essential part of me! I feel like I have incorporated my car into my personality, and I also have decorated my car with stickers to fit my personality.

Senior Audrey Flavin stands with her 2004 convertible Volkswagen Beetle Sept. 7. Flavin has had her car since the summer of 2020, and it has been an integral part of her life. photo by Becca Speier