The Reading Nook

English teacher Katie Weber shares one of her favorite novels from the year 2019: “Little Fires Everywhere” by Celeste Ng.

by Anna Cucar, Photo Editor

English teacher Katie Weber shares one of her favorite novels that she read in 2019: “Little Fires Everywhere”  by Celeste Ng. “Little Fire Everywhere” was a 2017 choice winner for Goodreads, and has become popular among many book platforms. Weber first read this book a couple of years ago and loved the lessons that it tells. The story begins with a house fire in an ordinary suburb, Shaker Heights, set in Ohio. In “Little Fires Everywhere,” Mia Warren and Elena Richardson are at odds with each other and the morals of the community. Delving into Mia’s unique and mysterious past, Elena strives to find out who Mia is, and what her motives are. The not-so-ordinary circumstances in the novel lead to conflict within the community. “It’s about family and friendship and struggles,” Weber said, “It’s really good.”Out of all the characters in the story, Weber expresses that supporting character Mia Warren is her favorite and recommends the book to all STA girls.“She forces the protagonist to realize some faults in herself, and come to grips with the delusions she’s been living in,” Weber said. “The book is really good and relatable to where you guys are at with life. It deals with themes and topics that are very relevant and prevalent to you guys operating in your friend circles and family circle.”