How to help Ukraine

The Dart has compiled a list of resources to volunteer, donate and learn

by Sophia Rall, Editor-in-Chief


Map of volunteer opportunities

The map provides volunteer opportunities to support refugees throughout the United States. In Kansas City, there are three major organizations coordinating volunteers: Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas, Della Lamb Community Services and Jewish Vocational Service. 

Jewish Vocational Service

Jewish Vocational Service supports refugees in Kansas City by creating a welcoming community and providing the necessities for these refugees. JVS needs volunteers, as well as material and monetary donations. Volunteer opportunities are located in Kansas City.


Heart to Heart International

Heart to Heart International is distributing medical and hygiene supplies to partners in Ukraine. They need both donations and volunteers to assemble the hygiene kits. The volunteer opportunity is located in Lenexa, Kansas. 



Donate to 45 relief organizations: 

Donations to the CNN Worldwide campaign support 45 humanitarian aid organizations. 


#CookforUkraine is an initiative to share Ukrainian recipes worldwide. This allows Ukrainians to share their culture and stories, and there is an opportunity to donate to UNICEF as well. 

Support Cafe Bize in Ukraine:

Both Blackhole Bakery and Classic Cookie are donating 5% of their sales to Cafe Bize. The Cafe is located in Odessa, Ukraine, and the bakers there are cooking for the Ukrainian soldiers, the elderly and the rest of the community that remains. 



Fact sheet about US Government assistance to Ukraine: 

The fact sheet explains how the US Government is supporting the Ukrainian people through humanitarian aid and refugee support. 

The Atlantic article: “How to Make Sense of Russia’s War on Ukraine’

The article provides basic information to understand the conflict in Ukraine. 

The New York Times :“Russia-Ukraine War”

This page provides updates about multiple aspects of the war: military, economics, the refugee crisis, etc. The New York Times is just one reliable news source; The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Associated Press News, BBC and many others offer comprehensive coverage so readers may better understand the conflict