Call Me a Marvel Junky

Growing up I was always looking for something new to use as my inspiration for my goals and aspirations. I found this ultimately in the form of a billion dollar movie franchise, “The Avengers” series, that has started it all.


by Kyra Fieger, Social Media Team

As we grow as individuals and develop into adults we are demanded by society to take on an increasing amount of responsibilities. The normal standard is projected as focusing solely on producing a respectable future and dropping all childlike behavior. I’m nearly matured and have much to learn from the world, but I refuse to push away my childhood. When I was 7 years old  and  first introduced to the total American experience of the movies: the popcorn, big theaters, and cheap tickets, I came across my favorite series that would later transform into a representation of my childhood.

As the credits rose and the audience  stood, my heart was attune to the theme music of “The Avengers” blasting throughout the theater. Little did I know that this moment would develop into a heartfelt relationship with the series. 

As a kid I was a nerd when it came to anything action packed and fictional — I loved grasping the idea of heroes and heroines fighting against all evil in the world. You could say I had dreams and aspirations of filling that role when I grew older. Now of course that hasn’t happened yet, as I mature my goals have sadly become more realistic, molded by society’s standards to be less creative and more assertive. Although, my love for “The Avengers” movies has yet to change. 

Some may say I’m a junky for anything Marvel, but I’m simply holding onto a comfort from my childlike self, since many of these memories have become hard to recall. Growing up I was always close with my dad, mainly because we shared similar interests and could connect over these likes and dislikes. He was the one who first introduced me to the movies, knowing I would love them. 

I admire each scene,  the consistency and little details always come together. In “Captain America: Winter Soldier” the phrase “on your left” was used as a banter between Steve Rogers and The Falcon, which later developed into a touching line in “Avengers Endgame.” I love trying to relate back to all the characters through their emotions. My habitual act of doing this developed into a comfortable feeling that would rush through me whenever I watched one of the movies. They simply never get old and as the series ended with the movie “Avengers: Endgame,” I felt a huge wave of nostalgia rush through me, realizing that this too was coming to an end. 

Going into high school was definitely a big call from adulthood as I found myself taking on numerous responsibilities (volleyball, loads of homework, a job etc.) and becoming more exposed to the world around me. This movie franchise has been a steady comfort, always there for me, and when the series came to an end it made the real world realer. 

After lots of tears whilst the credits rose, hugging those around me, I realized that “The Avengers” franchise played a vital part of my childhood.  The ending of the series meant I was finally growing up. I can relate the series back to how one cares for and keeps their childhood stuffed animal. “The Avengers” series brings me a sense of serenity and comfort that no one can top, as would a childhood stuffed animal. I find myself always going back to them when I’m in dire need of nostalgia or want a mood booster. I will always remember the loud laughter and cries from the theaters. How after every movie premiere, the audience would walk out in silence, simply in awe of what they had witnessed. 

I will always keep with me the memories these movies have given me,  they helped develop me into who I am today. I am truly grateful that I was able to experience such an amazing saga and encourage others to look into the series. With one final point, Team Cap all the way!