Battle of the Boba

After trying three boba teas from distinctly different cafes in KC, I have come to the conclusion that boba tea is a perfect sweet drink.


Fat Bee Drinks offers a variety of milk teas, fruit teas, coffees and smoothies Feb 18. The most popular menu item is the Fatbee Milk Tea with honey boba. photo by Sophia Rall

by Sophia Rall, Features Editor


Boba tea has emerged as the trendy and aesthetic new drink of choice for many teenage girls, myself included. The wide variety of tea flavors, unique taste of boba and chic cafes make for a perfect drink and experience. So, I set out to try boba teas from three greater Kansas City locations. My expectations were extremely high, but as I drove to the first cafe, I wondered, “Who would win the battle of the boba?”

I soon arrived in Overland Park, at Fat Bee Drinks. I frequent Fat Bee because it is close to my house, and I always enjoy going there. The decor is modern and bright, and the menu always seems to have new items on it. However, I have noticed that their boba teas tend to be very sweet, so I normally customize my drink and get 50% sweetness. I ordered the most popular drink — the Fatbee Milk Tea — with 50% sweetness. The first sip was a perfect blend of smooth milky flavors and tapioca bobas. I normally hate the taste of milk, but the sweetness of the drink offset the milk flavor. The tapioca bobas themself were fresh and chewy. The drink cost $5, and I think this was a reasonable price considering the drink was pretty big and high quality. I was a little tired of the drink by the end of it, but the overall experience was superb. Overall, I would rate the drink and the experience a 4/5. 

Next, I ventured to Gocha 2 in Westport. I had never been to Gocha 2 before, but the vibes were amazing from the moment I opened the door to the moment I walked out. The store is clean and bright. The menu was not as extensive as Fat Bee drinks, which I appreciated because it was not overwhelming. I ordered the House Tea and added tapioca boba. The tapioca bobas from Gocha 2 were the best boba I have ever had. They were perfectly chewy and slightly larger than Fat Bee’s bobas. The sweetness and milky flavors were very similar to Fat Bee’s. I enjoyed the drink very much, but mainly due to the bobas. Overall, I would rate the drink and experience a 5/5.

Next, I ventured to Bruu Cafe on the Plaza. I absolutely loved the decor and overall aesthetic in Bruu. It seems very clean and modern, with bright lighting and white furniture. However, the menu was a little overwhelming, as it had many options and there seemed to be many additions and modifications you could make to the drinks. I ordered the Royal Premium Milk Tea with 50% sweetness and tapioca bobas. The drink was chock full of boba — much more than Fat Bee and Gocha 2. The taste of the bobas really permeated throughout the entire drink, and somewhat overwhelmed the milk flavor. I still enjoyed the drink, but it wasn’t exactly what I expected. Overall, I would rate the drink and experience a 4.5/5. 

Three boba drinks later, and I was a little tired of milk tea. I would definitely still recommend Fat Bee, Gocha 2 and Bruu, but the next time I purchase a boba tea, I will branch out and try a new flavor. The great thing about boba cafes is that there are wildly unique drinks, like the Oreo Milk Tea from Fat Bee, Jasmine Cheese Foam Tea from Gocha 2 or the Strawberry Marble Latte from Bruu Cafe. I will definitely continue trying boba in KC, and I might someday decide the winner of the “battle of the boba.”