I Am Starstruck By Astrology

Astrology has become a growing importance in my life and it should be in everyone’s too.


by Rebecca Speier, Photo Editor

A high-pitched ringing sound goes off, and I groggily turn over reaching for my phone to turn off the alarm. As I begin to slightly open my eyes, I type in my password and scroll to the second page of apps on my phone. I click on the app that gives me my daily horoscope. 

It has become a daily need to read my horoscope so I can find out what I should be expecting for the day. I find it calming to get a semi-hint at what the universe has aligned for me. Considering I am a person with higher anxiety and someone who loves to plan, this allows me to focus more on what I should be accomplishing for my day and how to go about it. 

When I checked my horoscope on the night of the February 27 full moon, it said that I would feel overwhelmed later in the week and that I would need to stay on top of my assignments otherwise they would pile up. As the week progressed I forgot about this, and I did get busier, eventually feeling very overwhelmed. However, I felt a sense of comfort in knowing that the stars had fulfilled what was aligned for me in the week. Oftentimes I take it day-by-day, letting the universe play out what was meant to be for me.

During this past year, reading my horoscope and learning more about my sign has become increasingly important due to the increased profound free time COVID-19 has brought. Checking my horoscope gives me that sense of security that I can know a little bit about my future. My sun sign is Sagittarius, and I have found myself noticing more and more when I relate to it. I have grown into my Sagittarius attributes. Sagittarius individuals are known for their outgoing, honest personalities, that strive for their own need for freedom — they are the definition of a fire sign. 

As I have grown and matured, I have realized I need more freedom in life, and I don’t like being tied down; I need to have the freedom of being unable to explore and find my own path. I also have classified myself as more of an extrovert that enjoys being around people. These attributes are in direct correlation to being a Sagittarius, which is such an essential part of me that fuels my personality and mindset.  

Astrology is one of the best tools used to truly find yourself and what you value. I have discovered so much about why I react a certain way or how I perceive a situation and it’s all due to my astrological signs. As I think about college and the possibilities of where I want to attend, I know I want to travel far away and explore, which is a direct connection to my zodiac sign that is ruled by the optimistic Jupiter planet. 

Many people doubt that the stars have an aligned plan for you, but I genuinely believe that this is true. I believe that the relation to a person’s birthday has a connection to the planets that can affect their actions. Personally, when I was born and given the sign as a Sagittarius, I believe that I have grown into my attributes. The universe helps shape and form a person based on underlying aspects of their zodiac. In my eyes this perfectly explains why some people are shy, others are outgoing, etc. 

Diving into the world of horoscopes and astrology is also something that creates a connection between people. Almost every day as I walk through the hallways, I usually hear a student mention their horoscope. It is almost like a transition between people that allows them to feel more apart from each other. It is an opening line to their friendship that seems so minuscule, but can add so much more knowledge about the person than before. 

The Sun tells society who you are supposed to be and creates a guiding path on the yang principle in our lives: the light and creativity. It fuels our passion in the world. Which is the exact reason I feel that it is so important for everyone to develop an attachment to their astrological sign.