What rom-com are you?

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, take this quick quiz to find out which romantic comedy you are!

by Grace Ashley, Multimedia Editor

  1. What city would you want to live in? 
    1. New York City 
    2. Los Angeles
    3. Seattle 
    4. Portland 
  2. Pick a decade!
    1. 1980s
    2. 1990s
    3. 2000s
    4. 2010s
  3. What is the most romantic? 
    1. A New Years kiss
    2. Catching the bouquet at a wedding, winning your significant other $200
    3. Serenading your significant other in front of the entire school
    4. Sending love letters
  4. Pick a color!
    1. Grey
    2. Yellow
    3. Red
    4. Pink 
  5. What genre of music do you like best? 
    1. Jazz
    2. Pop 
    3. Punk 
    4. Indie
  6. What is your ideal date? 
    1. Dinner and a walk through the park
    2. Shopping 
    3. Concert 
    4. Baking at home 
  7. What is your favorite season? 
    1. Fall 
    2. Summer
    3. Spring 
    4. Winter 
  8. What is something you can’t live without? 
    1. Friends 
    2. Your wardrobe 
    3. Personal space 
    4. Family 
  9. If you had to be an animal, which one would you be? 
    1. Cat
    2. Pomeranian
    3. Raccoon
    4. Hamster 
  10. Pick an event to plan!
    1. A cross-country road trip
    2. Your dad’s 50th birthday party 
    3. A school-wide protest
    4. A ski-trip



If you answered mostly As… 

You probably value being known by a person without having to fear their judgment or the possibility of broken trust. You like to take things slow, like the main character of this movie, and you likely cherish any relationship where you can just be yourself. 

Going from hating each other to becoming best friends to finally falling in love, Harry and Sally’s story is one of the most unique and realistically funny tales the rom-com genre has to offer. They both move to New York City right after graduating from the University of Chicago, and somehow find each other again and again whenever they seem to need it most.


If you answered mostly Bs…

I’m totally buggin’! You’re probably the type of person that likes to help people, even if that kind spirit can backfire sometimes. You like to bring out the best in everyone, so you try your hardest to do just that! In the end, all you really want is to be seen by the people you love and for you to see them right back, which makes you a lot like the protagonist in this movie. This 90s classic follows Cher, a rich, California teen, as she tries to navigate friendships, school and falling for the one guy she thought she couldn’t stand. 


If you answered mostly Cs…

You definitely value independence and honesty in any kind of relationship, whether that’s romantic or platonic, and you’re not quick to forgive after someone wrongs you. You have your limits, and you’re not afraid to tell people they have crossed them, even though, like main character Kat, you’re really just a big softie beneath it all. 

In this modern take of “The Taming of the Shrew,” Kat is asked out by school bad-boy Patrick, who was paid by another guy who wanted to date Kat’s sister Bianca. Of course, a total mess ensues as Kat and Patrick fall for each other and their secrets are discovered. 


If you answered mostly Ds… 

You’re probably a bit of a sentimentalist. Your walls are likely covered in pictures of loved ones, or maybe tickets to shows and drawings, and you value family at your core. However, you tend to put other people first way too much and need to learn how to take care of yourself before you take care of others, making you a lot like this movie’s protagonist. 

Lara Jean writes love letters to every single crush she ever has and keeps them in a special box where they will never see the light of day. But when her little sister finds the letters and sends them out, things get a little bit messy for her, seeing that one of the letters is addressed to her sister’s ex-boyfriend.