Ella Tomasic

“Keeping the memories alive” reads the bio of the Instagram account @classic.age, with over 50K followers. Ella Tomasic is the proud owner of this account that acts as a museum of the classic Hollywood era in the early 20th century. The account features a variety of films and famous figures from the time, and the account has potentially helped shape the trajectory of Tomasic’s aspirations.


Claire Smith

Senior Ella Tomasic poses in one of her authentic vintage dresses from the early 20th-century Nov. 6. Tomasic’s love of classic Hollywood surpasses just watching the films; she owns various items such as clothing, posters, and scrapbooks representing the era. photo by Claire Smith

by Claire Smith, Editor-in-Chief

When did classic movies first come into your life?

My grandparents have always been big on trying to introduce some of their favorite movies [since] I was little. Some of my earliest memories are watching the “Wizard of Oz” with my grandparents, “The Sound of Music”, “Mary Poppins”, that kind of thing. And so they’ve been around for a very long time in my life.

What did that look like? As you got older, was the presence of these movies consistent? Or was it something that kind of came back to you as you grew up? 

It definitely came back when I got into high school, they were there as children’s movies when I was little. Then there’s a span like 10 years where I didn’t even go anywhere near a classic movie. And then, probably about freshman, sophomore year of high school, I watched the two movies. I watched “Singing in the Rain” and “Casablanca.” And those really just kind of absolutely catapulted me into my love for classic movies.

What would you say is your favorite movie from that age? And why?

Okay. I have a top five, but I think my favorite will always be “Casablanca.” And I think it holds some kind of tie as well with my grandpa, you know?…My grandpa was the one who told me to watch “Casablanca” … I think that movie is genuinely one of the more perfect movies out there. I just love it so much. Even though I wasn’t around in the 40s, it almost brings out a sense of nostalgia.

So this Instagram account, when did you make it and what compelled you to make it?

I made it in April of my sophomore year, so that would have been April of 2019. I made it also after watching “Casablanca.” So that is also how it holds some special ties. But I remember watching “Casablanca” and being like, “I need to share this with people let me just and so I put it out there.” And I was like, Damn, first post, and then other people started liking it. And other people were like, oh, follow, follow, follow, and just kind of grew. So yeah.

This Instagram account has grown rapidly! How has that affected your relationship with these classic movies?

I started the account when I had very little knowledge of classic movies. Every time I watch a movie I posted, you know, and that’s kind of how it snowballed. I’ve seen so many movies, and it’s probably an unhealthy amount. But I think that the more I wanted to post, I was like, “Oh, I want to watch this movie, I want to watch this movie, I want to watch this movie,” and it kind of grew from there. Your relationship with classic movies grows and becomes a lot stronger the more you watch.

Did I hear about a book deal that came from this account? 

It was July, when the Simon and Schuster publishing company reached out, and they’re like, “Hey, we’re going to be releasing a biography on Cary Grant. Would you like a free copy?” And I didn’t see that until early October. And I was like, oh my god, it’s too late. I’m not gonna get it— the book is coming out this month! And I emailed, “Hey, if you’re still willing to give me a copy, I would love one. And I’d love to promote it. You know, like, I love Cary Grant. I’d love to, you know, get this out to more people.” And they’re like, “Okay, for sure, what’s your address?” They sent me a book, it was great! So my first like, PR, you could say.

Where do you see the future of this account growing? Because it’s growing at a pretty exponential rate at this point.

As of right now. I’m gaining 100 new followers every day — I wake up with 100 new ones.  I hope to keep doing it, and I know I’m gonna keep it up all through college, and however long I’d like to, because it’s something I love doing. I just hope I can reach as many people as I can, because it’s something I love so much, and I just want to share it with as many people.

Speaking of college, has this love of this age influenced any direction for your college career?

Absolutely. Well, freshmen and sophomore year before I made the account, I didn’t really know what I wanted to do for college. I was like, oh, like, maybe I could be a veterinarian, but I don’t have the grades to be a veterinarian. I just didn’t know what I wanted to do. And then when I started this account, and started learning more about film and about classic movies, I was like, “I want to do like Film Studies — film and television. Everything.” So after I found this love of movies, I was like “I’m gonna study film in college.” So hopefully, I’ll be going to college to study film. Definitely had a big change.

What do you hope to do with that? Would you hope to be in the Hollywood scene someday?

My dream job would be like directing movies, and just getting to create things and because there’s so much inspiration that comes from the old Hollywood era. I’d love to make movies about that or incorporate that. If I don’t end up in New York or Los Angeles making movies, the Turner Classic Movies Film Studio introducing films on TV would be my next choice. Yes, but I’d love to end up in Hollywood or New York or wherever, then making the movies.

How do you feel about the recognition of these movies with our generation? Do you think there should be more of an emphasis? 

I don’t know any other girls that St. Teresa’s — maybe one — that have the same kind of knowledge and love that I have. I think that it mostly comes naturally. Obviously, social media is a big vehicle for getting stuff out to people. But when it comes to like getting more girls involved, I don’t know how you’d go about that. I think probably social media might be the best use of sharing movies because no one really watches television anymore, like tunes in every night to watch this stuff. Movies are all streamed online, and they don’t put an emphasis on going to the theater, or the movie companies online don’t show old movies. They’re wanting the new stuff. So I think that social media is probably the best way to get more people involved with it, especially the younger generations.