Welcome to Urban Mining

Urban Mining is an iconic Kansas City antique store that is only open the weekend of First Fridays. The store is known for combining retro style with modern design elements.


Renowned Kansas City vintage store, Urban Mining, had their monthly sales event Sept. 3. The store is only open the first weekend of each month.

by Rachel Robinson, Editor-in-Chief

A patron checks out a vintage book on display Sept. 3. The store originally opened in 2006 as an eclectic antique store that combines modern style with vintage treasures.
One of the store’s displays basks in the glow of the many vintage lamps and the evening light Sept. 3. The store is divided into two floors, each containing everything from paintings to sofas to shoes, as long as they’re vintage.
A customer peruses one of the store’s jewelry displays Sept. 3. In addition to the multi-leveled physical store located at 31st St. and Gillham Road, Urban Mining also has an online store.
A store employee examines a display and rearranges misplaced items Sept. 3. In addition to art, the store also sells vintage jewelry, furniture, clothing, books and much more.
A printed poster of singer Elvis Presley hangs with a spotlight illuminating it Sept. 3. When London bought the store, she decided to focus on modern and mid century art.
A vintage Magnavox computer is on display along with a rotary phone, and various other trinkets Sept. 3. The items in this store come from over 40 dealers that sell their findings through Urban Mining each month.
Urban Mining owner Heather London stands in front of a painting and a display of books Sept. 3. London bought the store with her business partner, Susan Hartnett, in 2011.
A vintage lamp shines on a stone cat figurine Sept. 3. The store used to be located on Main St. before the owners moved it to the current location in Midtown.