My unsuccessful Tik tok quarantine

Over quarantine I decided to try out my cooking skills by trying some of Tik Toks newest cooking trends


Tik Tok’s whipped coffee became known among most teens during quarantine, this picture was taken May 16. With large amounts of free time, most teens tried to make the popular recipe that circulated the app. photo courtesy of Tribune News Service

by Ellie Buttell, Writer

After being stuck in the house for five months, I’ve learned a thing or two about how to stay active or find ways in my life to stay busy. For starters, I learned how to limit my screen time on Tik Tok in order to spend less time on my phone. However, even with my limit on Tik Tok, I made time to try some of the most popular trends that went around during quarantine and this summer. My “For You Page” was constantly filled with recipes that I had to try because — what else was there to do? I spent hours every day trying to make these recipes that were much harder than a 30 second video could convey. For one, finding the ingredients when I wasn’t allowed to go to the store, and supplies were low was a big challenge. Also, the people in the videos didn’t talk about the many challenges and messes that came with making these small recipes. Most of my cooking creations ended up in the trash before I could even try a bite. 

 There were so many recipes that I would be so excited about that would let me down. The “whipped coffee” recipe caught my attention from the first second I heard about it because I am a big coffee drinker.

 As a fan of cold brew, I was ready to make the whipped coffee after watching the first video I saw about it. Unfortunately, when I tried to make it, it ended up being a grainy mess. I spent upwards of 20 minutes whisking away at the mixture of coffee, sugar and water.  Later, I was told by my younger sister that the coffee I used was in fact the wrong kind of coffee and would never make the fluffy mixture I was looking for. I decided that I could somehow make it work and continued to mix and add ingredients. Long story short, it didn’t work. My disappointment was immense because I was looking forward to having a new recipe that I could make most mornings. 

For a while, I retired from my cooking phase because all I was left with was a big mess in my kitchen. However, after I heard about the cloud bread that was now circulating Tik Tok, I threw on my chef’s hat and apron. I was super excited to make this new recipe, but making the cloud bread was not anywhere near as easy as the videos said it would be. Finding the right texture that was shown in the videos was confusing. In fact, it took more than one try to get the fluffy texture the videos told me to get. The process, however, was super timely. As for how the bread tasted, I can confidently say I’m not the biggest fan. It was almost like the 30 grams of sugar did absolutely nothing because the bread tasted like scrambled eggs turned into fluffy bread. The process of making the bread was most definitely more enjoyable than the bread itself. Seeing the bread slowly rise in the oven, to where it looked like a cloud, was thoroughly entertaining.

My results with these Tik Tok recipe trends weren’t the best and it leaves me to wonder if other people had as poor of results as I did or if I was just that bad of a chef. I would rate these Tik Tok recipes 2/5 stars! Even though I wasn’t always satisfied with the final product of the recipes, it was a really fun way to spend time away from my phone and be able to do something when none of us could go out.