Students attend winter sports pep rally

The pep rally was held Feb. 19 in the gym and featured dance performances from the spirit club and dance team.


Spirit Club members dance during the pep rally Feb. 19. The pep rally featured a video and dance from Spirit Club, as well as a performance from the dance team. photo by Carmon Baker

by Carmon Baker, Web Editor

STA students attended a winter sports pep rally Feb. 19. The pep rally was held in the gym and featured a performance by the dance team. Spirit club also presented a video, which was a parody of The Greatest Showman, and performed a dance based on the different winter sports teams at STA.

Sophomore Regina Jayakody enjoyed the pep rally and saw improvement from those in the past. She was also surprised to see part of Spirit Club’s video filmed at Notre Dame de Sion High School.

“I loved the dances that they did from all the sports team,” Jayakody said. “I also loved the video that they created, I thought that that was really funny. I just did not expect Sion and for them to actually be there at Sion, so that was something special. I loved how [senior Delaney Hupke] came out of no where from the bleachers.”

Sophomore Rebecca Hoff also enjoyed the pep rally and thought that it was a good atmosphere.

“Everyone had so much energy and it was really great,” Hoff said. “I was vibing, it was really good vibes. This one was really good. The video, that was interesting.”