End of year mass celebrates Nan Bone

The final mass of the year was held May 17 and many gave final tributes to President Nan Bone.


Marissa Areaho and Elizabeth Para walk up the middle aisle as Nan Bone sways arm and arm to “Lean On Me” May 17.

by Claire Smith, Writer

Mass was held Friday to commemorate the end of the year and send the final goodbyes to president Nan Bone. The ceremony opened with Marissa Areaho and Elizabeth Para leading in Father Don Farnen. The mass was filled with tearful goodbyes from Becky Flores and a heartwarming sermon from Father Don.  The service ended with a speech from Dr. Liz Baker, talking about how Bone has shaped the school throughout her years of hard work and commitment. Finally, Bone addressed the audience tearfully, thanking the staff and students for all of her wonderful years here. The mass ended with the song, “Lean On Me,” sung by everyone attending the service.