New staff 2019-2020

A massive congratulations to the students listed below who will join the Dart, Dart News Online and Teresian publications staffs during the next academic year.

The Dart New Staff Members: 

Class of 2022: Iris Roddy, Sophia Rall, Becca Speier, Katie Massman, Sydney Waldron, Lilly Frisch, Lauren Brackney and Lily Sage

Class of 2021: Cara Barone

The Dart Returning Staff Members:

Class of 2021: Carmon Baker, Olivia Powell, Rachel Robinson, Claire Smith, Beatrice Curry and Tess Jones

Class of 2020: Amy Schaffer, Mary Massman, Faith Andrews-O’Neal, Anna Ronan, Aspen Cherrito, Claudia Benge, Sophia Durone, Lily Hart and Ella Norton

The Teresian New Staff Members: 

Class of 2022: Isabel Wiegman, Alex Speier, Emily Franklin, Kya Vulgamott, Ava Lystad, Grace Lawson, Anna Lack and Sydney Swan

Class of 2021: Jeanne Eckels and Mckenzie Heffron

The Teresian Returning Staff Members: 

Class of 2021: Elizabeth Torrey, Ailis Reavey, Maeve Burns and Izzy Bryars

Class of 2020: Alex Kerr, Julia Flores, Elianna Lee, Molly Langdon, Sierra Thut, Emma Peck, Sydney Lystad, Claire Davis and Elizabeth Schirger