Bachelorette #1


  • What is your zodiac sign?




  • If you could go anywhere in the world right now where would you go?




  • Who is your celebrity look alike?


Daniel Radcliffe and Michael Cera combined and with glasses


  • What is the most interesting fun fact about you?


Ummmmmmmmmm I love watching movie trailers and I watch a lot of them and never even see the movies


  • Favorite Movie?


Lady Bird


  • Dream Job?


I would like to be a professor and I would also like to write.


  • What is your worst habit?


Hahaha definitely picking my skin


  • Are you usually late or early?


Early, always


  • What is your Harry Potter house? (if you don’t know take a quiz this is IMPORTANT)




  • Where are you planning on going to college, and what are you studying?


Somewhere on the East Coast, and linguistics!!!


  • What is your favorite book?


Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe, Wuthering Heights


  • What subject could you talk about for hours without stopping?




  • Ideal first date?


It’s 18th century France, I have agreed to meet you on the street corner after the chapel bell rings 6 times. I brought a basket with bread and raspberry jam and you bring me lavender wrapped in newspaper. We walk until we leave the city walls and lay in a meadow while you read poetry to me because it is 18th century France and I am illiterate because I’m a woman. A group of burglars comes upon us in the open meadow and attempts to steal our food and precious literature, and you attempt to fight them off, but in the meantime, I have taken your pistol and shoot them out myself. The gravity of what I have done hits me and I drop the pistol into a patch of wildflowers. You have been stabbed by one of the burglars through your torso and I carry you through the meadow, back to the city, and leave you at the local physician even though being seen with you could mean my father, the only priest in our town, could lose his position. And that’s my ideal first date!


  • If you could bring back one person from the dead, who would it be?


Probably the 18th-century French burglars that I shot with my lover’s pistol.


  • Do you use emojis in a non-ironic way?


Only hearts. You will never catch me using the cry laugh emoji unironically it makes me gag.


  • How do you feel about SeaWorld?




  • If you had to listen to one musician/band for the rest of your life who would it be?


Sufjan Stevens


  • What was the last show you binge-watched?


West Wing


  • What is your go-to meal?


PBJ, Carrots, Strawberries, and a Chocolate Treat


  • And finally, are you here for the right reasons?


Probably not?