Betty Rae’s truck visits STA

Students lined up on Tuesday to get ice cream.


by Madeline Loehr, Photo Editor

On Tuesday, the Betty Rae’s Ice Cream truck visited STA to give ice cream to students who had turned in five raffle tickets by Oct. 9.

Freshman and sophomores lined up to get ice cream during activity one, while seniors lined up activity two. Juniors, who had a mandatory meeting with the guidance department during activity two, could get their ice cream during period four or at the beginning of activity one.

If students sell five tickets by Oct. 30, they will get pizza on Nov. 6. If students sell 10 raffle tickets by Nov. 16, they will receive sweatpants that can be worn to school until Christmas break. 

Senior Maggie Vasquez serves ice cream to girls waiting in line Oct. 16. Vasquez is an employee at Betty Rae’s. photo by Madeline Loehr