Student Productions 2018

STA student productions of 2018 included seven one act plays written and directed by the senior class of 2018.

by Kate Jones and Lily Manning

On April 26 and April 28, the STA theater department put on seven one act plays. Claire Molloy, Kiernan O’Boyle, Bella Pichardo, Kate Jones, Reilly Atkins, Bridget Graham, Katie Lecluse, Nikki Slocumb, Maura Graham, Bridget Dulle, and Oli Carroll all wrote and directed the student productions. Every year seniors at STA are given the chance to create their own play to be performed on stage by STA students.

  1. Death Comes to Dinner

2. Emily

3. Society of Discovery

4. Story of An Hour

5. The Unironic Ironic Love Story of 4 Socially Awkward Teenagers

6. La Vie En Rose

7. Villains Anonymous