Fine Arts Showcase features artwork and senior portfolios

The Fine Arts Showcase featured art from the whole Fine Arts department, from weaving to choir Thursday.


Freshman Ailis Reavey and senior Lizzy Zirkel observe Zirkel’s and some other students collaborative artwork during the Fine Arts Showcase Thursday in Windmoor. The art was a senior portfolio. photo by Trang Nguyen

by Trang Nguyen, Breaking News Editor

The Fine Arts Showcase displayed artwork by students in the Windmoor Center, Donnelly Hall and Music and Arts Building Thursday. Choir and acting performances along with a fashion show were among the many events that occurred at the Showcase. Food trucks also accompanied the Showcase in the parking lot of Windmoor.

Students wander in front of the Windmoor waiting to get food at the food trucks at the Fine Arts Showcase Thursday. Five different food trucks parked along Windmoor to serve food to students and guests. photo by Trang Nguyen

Freshman Mara Kugler describes her first experience at the Fine Arts Showcase.

“I enjoyed seeing everyone’s different art styles and passions!” Kugler said. “I was moved by the art piece done about gun awareness.”

Kugler, a student in fine arts teacher Kelly Pack-Scott’s Drawing I, had her art on display as well.

“I was happy to have my art displayed and appreciated, and it made me want to be able to have my own art showcase one day,” Kugler said.

Guests observe pottery done by students at the Fine Arts Showcase Thursday. Artwork was displayed in Donnelly, Windmoor and M&A. photo by Trang Nguyen

Seniors had their portfolios displayed in Windmoor, and the artwork inspired Kugler to grow as an artist.

“Seeing the seniors’ art was a real inspiration, and I can’t wait to be able to improve and have my work displayed there when I’m a senior!” Kugler said.

“Snorkeling” is the painting done by junior Olivia Robertson, and it was displayed at the Fine Arts Showcase Thursday. Robertson used acrylics to paint her masterpiece. photo by Trang Nguyen