Seniors celebrate their college decisions

The class of 2018 celebrated National Candidate’s Reply Date May 1.


Seniors draw their college logos on the whiteboard during activity May 1. photo courtesy of Megan Schaeffer

by Zoe Butler, Editor-in-Chief

The college counseling department held a college celebration for the 2018 seniors in honor of the National Candidate’s Reply Date May 1. College counselors Debi Hudson and Liz Majors gathered with several parents and the senior class in Windmoor, where seniors were given ice cream and invited to draw their college logos on the whiteboard.

However, for some seniors, their college plans aren’t yet decided.

It had always been planned that senior Morgan Richards would attend the University of Kansas, but when she recently found out they didn’t have what she wanted to major in, she began researching and found the University of Central Florida. According to Richards, UCF is the fifth best school in the United States for Hospitality Management, which is what she hopes to study.

“One day, I woke up and just really wanted to go to UCF, so I started researching it, and the application was still open,” Richards said.

So she applied. UCF has a rolling decision, and since Richards only applied two weeks ago, she has yet to hear back from them. That’s why she made sure to have a back-up plan.

“I paid the deposit [for KU],” Richards said. “I have a roommate. We elected a housing and a meal plan. I’m signed up for orientation. Everything is ready to go.”

But if UCF responds with a positive answer, all Richards would have to do is withdraw from KU.