SADD club presents mock drunk driving accident

As part of annual S.A.D.D. week, the club put on a mock drunk driving accident. Students were required to watch how first responders would react to this scenario in real life.


Senior Emily Livingston acts dead on top of a car for SADD club’s mock drunk driving accident Apr. 10. The accident was part part of the club’s annual SADD week. photo by Meghan Baker

by Lily Manning, Editor-in-Chief

SADD club presented a mock drunk driving crash before the school Apr 10. The crash was part of the club’s annual SADD week, held each year before the weekend of senior prom and the junior ring dance.

For the demonstration, two cars were collected from a junkyard, and they were beaten to look like they had been crashed before the presentation started. After students lined up on Main street, police officers and firefighters responded to the mock crash in the same way they would in a real accident scenario. As part of the act, two students were placed in the back of an ambulance, another two were handcuffed and put in the back of a police car and two more acted dead at the scene.

S.A.D.D. club watched a video together during a club day where another group did a more intense version of the mock crash. This version included a video showing events before the crash and acted out the aftermath of the accident. Due to time constraints, SADD club could not present this version to STA, but they still wanted to show part of it to the school.

“It becomes more real when you see [the crash], the makeup, the car crash and [the aftermath] makes it all so more real so it kind of scares people straight,” senior SADD club member Lulu Fiss said.

Fiss acted as the drunk driver in the mock accident and hopes that students took something away from the accident.

“We were hoping it would hit people in the heart to the point that it would show them just how real [drunk driving] is,” Fiss said.