Sophomore retreat held by NET Ministries

The sophomore retreat was held on campus April 5.


The NET ministries visited the school to host the sophomore retreat. The NET team is composed of travelling Catholic missionaries. photo courtesy of NET ministries

by Reagan Penn, Writer

The sophomore class retreat was held April 5. The retreat was put on by the NET Team, a group of Catholic missionaries who travel around the country planning retreats. The retreat took place in the Auditorium, Windmoor and the chapel.

During the retreat, students watched skits, talked in small groups and spent time in prayer. Students were able to enjoy the retreat while also growing in their faith.

Sophomore Lauren Biritz was impacted and enjoyed the retreat.

“I thought it was impactful,” Biritz said. “I thought it was pretty fun, and I had a good time. It was nice seeing young people so passionate.”

Sophomore Sophia Trozzolo was also impacted by her experiences at the sophomore retreat.

“It was amazing to be able to experience something that gave the the feeling of being so much closer to God than I usually feel,” Trozzolo said. “Being able to experience it at school was one of the best things ever.”

Sophomores wrote letters to themselves that students write at every retreat.