“Be You” week closes out with “Positive Pats”

In advisory March 9, students wrote compliments to their classmates on colorful sheets of paper in the final activity of “Be You” week.


Colorful sheets of paper with positive affirmations hang on the mirrors in M301 March 21. One reads “you are always so confident.” photo by Julia Kerrigan

by Julia Kerrigan, Opinion Editor

“Be You” week, hosted by the ReBel St. Teresa’s chapter, closed out with a “Positive Pats” activity in midday advisory, where students anonymously wrote affirmations to their classmates. The week focused on starting conversations about body image and communication between women.

“The world does a really good job of tearing us down. As women, we need to come together,” ReBel leader Amanda Johnson-Whitcomb said.

This was the first annual “Be You” week, but Johnson plans to continue both the rebel curriculum and the event in the future in order to continue fostering a positive environment.