DartTube: Creative Grounds 2018

Students performed in the annual Creative Grounds on February 7th in the Windmoor Center. Acts included singing, dancing, and reading poems.

by Delaney Hupke and Kate Jones

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Lauren Daugherty

 Greta Sonnenberg 

Isabel Mayer

Greene, Sexton, Falcon, Wacht

Christian Lunn

Ava Lee

Elise Malone

Ally Terry

Genesis Jeffries

Bella Pichardo

Kate Loman

Nikki Slocomb and Katie Lecluse

Katie Wilnauer

Grace Patenaude


Lia Biritz 

Liv Richardson

Mia McManamy 

Eden Shulte

Nicole Ficklin

Courtney Talken and Margaret Jordhal

Sophie Bunch and Reilly Atkins

Darcie Hingula 

Margaux Renee and Olivia Michka 

Elise Cressey and Eden Shulte 

Bridget Graham 

Amy Schaffer and Anna Ronan



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About the Writers
Delaney Hupke, Writer
Hello! My name is Delaney Hupke, it is my first year on the Dart and I am a writer and page designer. I am so excited to be part of such a lovely group of girls. Most of my time is spent running, watching Netflix and eating lots of food. I attempt to do my...
Kate Jones, Multimedia Editor
Hi everyone! I’m Kate Jones, Multimedia Editor of the Dart. This year is my second and, since I am a senior, final year on staff. I have many many passions including spending quality time with my friends, going out to eat, watching Wizards of Waverly Place with my little sister (who is a freshman by...
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