Gallery: First annual Fame Games

Classes competed in the first Fame Games for a donut day in the quad.

by Amy Schaffer and Meghan Baker

The first Fame Games were held in the gym after last period Feb 16. Classes competed for a Fluffy Fresh Doughnut tailgate and chance to douse a teacher of their choice in color at the upcoming annual Walk of Fame. Each class nominated three girls in a basketball shootout, four in “Name That Tune” and 15 in a dodgeball tournament. The senior class earned the most points, followed by the sophomores in second, the juniors in third and the freshmen in fourth. The seniors voted on theology teacher Andrew Boland as their teacher to douse with color.

In the dodgeball tournament, the juniors beat the seniors. Junior Caroline Franke was nominated to play for her class and was proud to have beat the oldest one.

“I’ve always been pretty close with my class and beating the seniors felt pretty good,” Franke said. “I didn’t doubt the junior class dodgeball team either, I felt the win coming.”

Sophomore Mia Falcon had to guess the name of songs from the Beatles to Camp Rock in “Name That Tune.” Falcon says the Fame Games made her feel closer to her class as they cheered her on.

“I knew that if I messed up I wouldn’t be judged or made fun of,” Falcon said. “I think that it was a really fun way to bring us all together, which we don’t do often.”