Human Dignity Club hosts tampon drive

The Human Dignity Club put on a school competition to collect items for Giving the Basics.


Third floor M&A won the M&A sculpture contest Feb. 12. Each floor created a sculpture out of the boxes collected in the Giving the Basics drive. photo courtesy of Sloane Smith

by Gabrielle Pesek, Writer

Human Dignity Club hosted a Giving the Basics drive, collecting boxes of tampons and pads. M&A building and Donnelly Hall competed to see who could bring in the most boxes. Then, each floor competed against the other floors in their building to create the most creative sculpture out of the boxes.

M&A won a dress down day for bringing in more boxes than Donnelly. The third floor of M&A and basement of Donnelly both received star cookies for winning the floor sculpture contest.

Senior Sloane Smith is in the Himes advisory and is a third floor M&A winner.

“My advisory recreated the Olympic podium, and we had an Olympics poster hanging behind the sculpture,” Smith said.