STEM Club hosts Pajama Day fundraiser

STEM club held a fundraiser on Feb. 8 that allowed students and faculty to pay a dollar and wear pajamas for the day.


Sophomores Avery Schmitz, Cecelia Klem, Ella Hair and Cari Compton pose in pajamas on Feb. 8. photo by Reagan Penn

by Reagan Penn, Writer

The STEM club held a fundraiser on Feb. 8. Students and faculty who paid $1 were able to wear pajamas Feb. 8.

According to STEM club moderator, Renee Blake, the funds from the day will be put towards materials for the club.

“Since we do not have a membership fee, the funds are used for consumable materials such as chemicals and any projects students keep, such as 3-D models,” Blake said.

STEM club got the idea for a pajama day fundraiser after a similar fundraiser was held last year.

“Mrs. Carlson had a PJ day fundraiser for robotics, and it was very successful” Blake said.

According to Blake, STEM club raised $460.