Bachelor #3

by Madeline Loehr, Photographer

Favorite movie/book

  • Movie: Pulp Fiction
  • Book: A Farewell to Arms

Celebrity look alike

  • Ashton Kutcher

Pet peeve

  • Ice chewers

Celebrity crush

  • Jessica Alba

Favorite TV show

  • Game of Thrones

Favorite food

  • Sushi

Favorite holiday

  • Christmas

College plans

  • Wherever I get in

Dream job

  • Doctor

Zodiac sign

  • Capricorn

Hogwarts house

  • Ravenclaw

Most played Spotify song of 2017

  • Slippery by Migos

Most played Spotify artist of 2017

  • Travis Scott

What were you like as a kid?

  • A little brat

Salty snacks or dessert?

  • Dessert

What do you look for in a girlfriend?

  • Loyalty

Do you have a “type”?

  • A girl with good taste in movies (Pulp Fiction)

Ideal date

  • Dinner and a movie nothing fancy

What do you first notice about a person?

  • If they share my sense of humor

If you could go anywhere in the world, where and why?

  • France, been there before, and it’s a great place to go.

Greatest fear

  • Doing something I hate for the rest of my life

Cat or dog person?

  • Dogs

Morning or night person?

  • Night

What type of pizza do you like?

  • Best pizza I ever had was meat lovers’ deep dish in Chicago. Delicious. 10/10 would eat again.

Type A or B personality?

  • A