New service club holds informational meeting

G.I.V.E., the school’s new service extracurricular hosts an informational meeting to explain the club.


New service club G.I.V.E hosts informational meeting. G.I.V.E is a new service club, photo by Ella Norton

by Ella Norton, Writer

G.I.V.E hosted an informational meeting during activity one Feb. 7. G.I.V.E is a brand new service extracurricular offered at school. It was started by sophomore Liv DeSantis when she saw there wasn’t any service extracurriculars that were open to everyone.

“My mom has already taught me, ever since I was little, to help the dear neighbor,” DeSantis said. “It makes me happy doing it.”

G.I.V.E is open to everybody to join and non-commital, meaning students can choose to volunteer as little or as much as they like. It will be student-led with math teacher Kim Sirridge and director of campus ministry and service Andrea Essner as overseers.

The extracurricular hopes to do a service project at least once a month for now. G.I.V.E is currently looking into working with KC Pets and the Upper Room.

“I hope that I can get everyone to volunteer, and I can get everyone into it,” DeSantis said.