Students win Scholastic Art and Writing Awards

Many students entered Scholastic Art and Writing Awards and won.


Recipients of the Silver Key award are given silver pins. photo by Ella Norton

by Ella Norton, Page Designer

The 2018 Scholastic Arts Awards in the Missouri Art Region were announced with many students receiving awards.

Senior Lizzy Zirkel has entered the Scholastic Awards all four years. This year she entered 24 separate pieces and one portfolio with seven receiving awards.

“I was proud of myself,” Zirkel said. “I’ve been interested in art since I was young, and ever since I was little I’ve wanted to be an artist.”

For sophomore Mary Grace Kaplan, this was her first year entering the Scholastic Awards. Kaplan won one award for ceramics.

“I felt great but I was really surprised that I won, actually,” Kaplan said.

There are four categories of awards. Gold Key is for the very best works and will be considered for national recognition. Silver Key is for stand-out work that represents exceptional ability. Honorable Mentions is for accomplished works showing great skill and potential. American Vision Nominees is for five works from all categories that are selected as the “Best of Show.”

An awards ceremony for all Gold Key art winners will be held at the Kansas City Art Institute Crossroads Gallery: Center for Contemporary Practice on March 24. 

Gold Key winners for Art awards

Bailey Briscoe-Sculpture

Grace Coleman-Ceramics & Glass

Mary Grace Kaplan-Ceramics & Glass

Lizzy Zirkel-Drawing and Illustration

Sophie Didier–Ceramics & Glass + American Visions Nominee

Silver Key winners for Art awards

Tone ‘Nae Bradley-Toomer -Sculpture

Tone ‘Nae Bradley-Toomer -Fashion

Laisa De La Torre-Ceramic & Glass

Kate Jones-Design

Yasmeen Mir-Painting

Katrina O’Connor-Ceramic & Glass

Lizzy Zirkel-Drawing and Illustration

Honorable Mention winners for Art awards

Emma Bessenbacher-Fashion

Katelyne Kratofil-Fashion

Mara Kugler-Drawing and Illustration

Grace Laird-Design

Ruthie McKee-Mixed Media

Olivia Michka-Painting

Olivia Michka-Drawing and Illustration

Anna Kate Powell-Digital Art

Annie Riffel-Design

Olivia Robertson- Painting-2 Awards

Olivia Robertson-Drawing and Illustration

Natalie Rovello-Drawing and Illustration

Lizzy Zirkel-Painting-3 Awards

Lizzy Zirkel-Drawing and Illustration-2 Awards


Honorable Mention winners for Writing awards

Ana Ryan- Personal Narrative

Natalie Rovello- Poetry