Star Spotlight: Bridget and Maura Graham

Sisters Bridget and Maura Graham are playing the same part in different casts of the next school play, Blue Stockings. This is Bridget’s first school show, but Maura has been in many in her high school career.


Seniors Maura Graham, left, and Bridget Graham practice lines together before rehearsal Jan. 23. They are playing the same character in the winter play Blue Stockings. photo by Madeline Loehr

by Delaney Hupke, Writer


When did you get into theater?

Probably fourth grade because I just really liked attention as a child. I did Christian Youth Theater, and I was in Annie in chorus, and then I did Willy Wonka in grade school. I’ve actually never been in a show before at school. I tried out for the musical freshman year and didn’t make it so I didn’t want to try out for the play. Then I tried out for the play sophomore and junior year and I didn’t make it those years, so this is actually my first STA show.

What made you decide to try out for this play?

I do really like theater, even each time I’m cut I’m on crew. This is actually the one show I was considering not going out for because I’ve never made it before. But, I decided to try it out because I felt like I would regret not trying one last time.

Since you and your sister our playing the same role in different cast, is that different or special in a way?

I think that it’s really cool just because she’s my sister so we can practice together. I wasn’t expecting for us to get the same part but I think its cool because we both have different interpretations of the characters, and I think it will be cool for people to be able to see how It is different, especially since Maura and I look so much alike.

Do you ever experience any sisterly competition?

Oh yeah, I know how people are and I am expecting the day after both our shows people are going to be like, ‘Which one did you think was better?’ Part of me wants [people] to be like ‘Oh I thought Bridget was better’, but Maura is a really good actress, and she’s been in all the St. Teresa shows and all the Rockhurst shows, so I’m trying very consciously not to compare ourselves.

Since your sister has had other roles is she doing anything to help you?

She’s really getting on me about memorizing lines, she’s just worried for me because I’ve never done it before. Last night she was like, “You really need to go memorize your lines because If you don’t start right now your never going to memorize them.” She is definitely giving me tips about things I wouldn’t know about.

Has this changed your relationship with your sister? Has it brought you closer?

Kind of, because Maura and I are really close anyway. When they first sent out the list Maura and I were walking out of church together, so she showed it to me. She didn’t say anything to me, I just saw my name under Tess, and that was the part that Maura wanted. I didn’t know it was double cast yet so I was like ‘Oh my gosh I’m going to have to drop out of the show,’  because Maura would be so upset. I was really excited when I found out we both [were playing the part]. I guess [it didn’t bring us closer] but it’s just like another thing to like bond over kind of because a lot of times driving back from her solo we will talk about the character and stuff like that.


When did you first get into theater?

My earliest memory of really getting into theater was when I saw a CYT [Christian Youth Theater] production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, which is the cheesiest show that ever exists and I know every word to it. I think I was in the second grade, so I would’ve been like eight.

What was it like when you found out you both got the part?

The moment we found out me and my sister were actually out, it was just the two of us. We were at mass, we were going to go see a movie afterwards. I pull out my phone and I see the email. The first thing I see was that I got Tess, and I see Tess – Maura Graham and Bridget Graham. It was a humbling experience.

Is having your sister play the same role as you any different than the other plays you were in?

I think it’s going to be so interesting because we talk about it all the time. We think about Tess and our Tess’ are very different. I could look at it a little bitterly, like another thing I have to share with my sister, but I’m also super excited as it’s one more thing we share.

Do you feel any sisterly competition?

I feel like there’s got to be competition, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  I think it pushes us to try new things because you don’t want to be the same as the other cast and you want to go above and beyond. And especially with my sister, I think sisters are a lot of times competitive. I want to be pushed to be better, but also it’s refreshing.

Has this changed your relationship with your sister in any way?

I don’t think it’s really changed our relationship that much. We have always been really close, so I’m very used to sharing most things with her, so this is just one more thing! I love watching how differently we interpret the same character, and working together with her on building and developing who Tess is. Especially since we’re probably both going to different colleges this year, I like to think after a lifetime of sharing everything, this is just one last thing I get to share with my sister and best friend.

Have you always had a love for theater?

My 8th-grade year my teacher decided to do an all student-produced and acted version of Schoolhouse Rock and he knew I was like, ‘theater is my life’ so he had me direct it. It was the worst experience of my entire life, and after that, I was like ‘ I’m quitting theater I’m never doing it again’. But then I got to high school and the first show was the fall musical Into the Woods and I’m like ‘oh, you know, I’m looking for a place to belong so maybe I’ll try out for Into the woods. So I decided to try out. I try out and I don’t get in. and I’m like ‘I hate theater, I’m never doing it again’. So I swore off theater again then I heard they were doing [A Midsummer Night’s Dream] for the winter play and I was like ‘oh I love Shakespeare’ so I tried out again.