FrozeN2 is not that cool

When in doubt, just have some normal dessert. Nitrogen ice cream is not worth the hype.


FrozeN2 just opened in Olathe, Kansas. They are known for making their nitrogen gas ice cream and dragon breath. photo by Grace Fiorella

by Grace Fiorella , Writer

Right when I walked in the place, I saw exactly what I expected; a handful of teens with smoke pouring out of their mouths. Alright, apologies if you are reading this you are probably already confused. I will back it up just little bit. So, it all started after seeing multiple videos on Instagram of people trying the nitrogen gas ice cream, I thought why not try it myself, because it does look pretty cool. This new placed called “FrozeN2” just opened up in Olathe, so I decided to take a little road trip and see what’s so great about this particular ice cream compared to regular.

For starters, I was already a little confused when I arrived to the place. There were two different lines; one for dragon breath and the other for ice cream/cookie dough. I am a little indecisive, especially when it comes to my food. I told myself I had I to get both because the dragon breath is what I see all the videos about on social media, and the cookie dough just sounded delicious.

I honestly just have one question for people that like to spend their money and get this all the time; why? Sure, it looks cool, and you look smoking out of food, but it doesn’t even taste good. Honestly, go to your local grocery store and just get a box of rice puffs. That’s what it tasted like. Trust me, you’ll save money and practically have the same thing, so it’s a win-win situation.

After being pretty disappointed with the dragon breath, I decided to move on and dig into the good stuff. I walked over to the ice cream line, excitedly waiting and hoping that it wouldn’t be anything like that rice I decided to pay for. I will admit, while waiting in line I started thinking of the nearest places you could get some ice cream faster.

It turned out the ice cream tasted pretty great. The ice cream had cookie dough and brownie, which made it thick and rich. They put a satisfying amount, so I had just enough to make me happy, maybe even a little too much. It was worth it though because at least I got to walk out of there feeling somewhat satisfied and I got my chocolate for the day. I sure love my chocolate.

Would I go back?  Honestly, I probably wouldn’t. If I did, it definitely would not be for the dragon breath, but maybe for the ice-cream. Was it worth all the social media hype? Definitely not. I personally like dessert that actually tastes like something. I guess if you are into smoke coming out of little cereal balls, then sure, this is your place. But, I just found that overrated and would rather just have some normal dessert, preferably with chocolate in it. Yes, the ice cream did have chocolate in it but it didn’t really cut it for me.. Anyways, I will just help you guys give out again by telling you to go this lovely place called McDonald’s. And for the cookie dough, go make a batch at home. If you not much of baker, then just make another stop at your local grocery store. Not only will you be getting your rice puffs, but you can get some delicious premade cookie dough. Mostly likely it will still be cheaper and better, so it’s just another win-win situation for yourself.