Praise band bonds during weekend retreat

Robert Pherigo and Andrea Essner led a praise band retreat in order for its members to get to know each other better.


Praise band students sit gathered together in the choir room and share stories with each other during their retreat. The retreat was held Monday Jan. 15. photo by Annabelle Meloy

by Annabelle Meloy, News Editor

The praise band held a retreat for its members Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Monday morning. Led by campus minister Andrea Essner and music teacher Robert Pherigo, the students shared stories about themselves and played games together in the choir room.

Members shared information about themselves like their favorite sledding stories and why they decided to join praise band in the first place in order to get to know each better. Later on, the group was taken to see a jazz band concert perform.

Junior Lauren Daugherty is a member of praise band who has loved her entire experience being a part of it.

“I love spending time with a group of people who love to praise God through music,” Daugherty said. “The praise band retreat is one of my favorite things each year.”