Alumnae visit for 2018 college panel

Current students convened in the auditorium Thursday to hear from alumnae on their college experiences.


Alumnae from the class of 2017 sit together at a panel Jan. 4 in the auditorium. The college panel was held to help current students with college decisions. photo by Annabelle Meloy

by Annabelle Meloy, News Editor

Former students from the 2017 graduating class came back for a reunion panel during activity 1 and 2 Thursday. They shared opinions over their own personal experiences with college life including sleep schedules, dealing with roommates and different activities to participate in at school.

Current students were asked questions over what to expect going into college and the obstacles they will need to overcome to succeed at the college of their choice.

However, not every topic was so serious. The alumnae also shared stories of funny moments and cool experiences they had so far. Students came from a variety of schools such as University of Arkansas, University of Kansas, University of San Francisco and many more to give current students a view of schools from different areas around the country.

After the panel, the graduates shared a lunch together and what had happened to them since leaving for college.