Forensics students attend talk from Latent Prints Analyst

Alisha Engle spoke to students about forensics jobs within the police force. Attendance of the event was mandatory for forensics students.


Forensics teacher Renee Blake invites speaker to talk to students Dec. 11. The speaker was accompanied with a slideshow. photo by Trang Nguyen

by Lily Manning, Editor-in-Chief

Latent Prints Analyst Alisha Engle, who works for the Kansas City Police Crime Laboratory, gave a presentation at STA Dec. 11. Engle spoke about what she does in her job and other jobs within the forensics department of the police force.

“[I thought her talk was interesting] because I didn’t know how many different types of fields in forensics there were,” senior Anna Campbell said.

Campbell is a student in Forensics, a class whose attendance was mandatory at the presentation.