Attempted robbery in student parking lot

Students were asked to walk in pairs to their cars after an attempted robbery took place on campus.


The attempted robbery took place on Wednesday, Nov. 8 in the student parking lot. photo by Anna Ronan

by Anna Ronan, Writer

There was an attempted robbery in the student parking lot Wednesday, Nov. 8.

The attempted robbery took place just after the opening night of this year’s musical, 9 to 5. The victim was a parent who had just gone to see the musical.

According to an audio statement to parents, “the police responded quickly, but the suspect had fled.” The security guard on duty during the musical warned the musical-goers about going to their cars alone. The audio statement also notified the community that the school is trying harder to keep everyone safe.

“We have stepped up our security for the remainder of the productions,” president Nan Bone said on the audio. “Please remind your daughter to always be aware of her surroundings. We will always have an adult or security guard on campus at night until the last student leaves.”