Cultural Diversity Committee hosts karaoke fundraiser

Karaoke was hosted by CDC in Windmoor Friday, Nov. 3.


Seniors, Sloane Smith, Siobhan Bradley, Devin John, and Gabby Martinez sing karaoke Friday Nov. 5. photo by Kate Jones

by Kate Jones, Multimedia Editor

The Cultural Diversity Committee hosted their annual karaoke and bake sale Friday, Nov. 5. The proceeds from the bake sale will be going to one of two options. The committee might use the money to sponsor a student to attend the “Our Town” camp, which is a summer camp focusing on inclusion and recognition of differences in the community. The other option is a donation to the Midwest Center for Holocaust education.

“I like having karaoke because it really shows how comfortable people are with being themselves,” CDC treasurer and senior Devin John said. “They go up and sing their hearts out, which is something a lot of people would not usually have the guts to do in public.”