Autumn choir concert held at Visitation Parish

Concert Choir, Chorale and Singers performed pieces on Oct. 18 for the autumn concert.

by Julia Kerrigan, Opinion Editor

The Autumn Choir Concert was held at Visitation Parish at 7 p.m Wednesday night. Admission was free, and STA Concert Choir, Chorale and Singers all gave performances.

“I thought that it was really cool to be able to perform in a space with acoustics far different than what we’re normally exposed to,” senior Courtney Talken said. “Choirs sound completely different depending on the venue that they’re in, so I thought it was a great opportunity to be able to share that experience with our choir community.”

All three choirs were accompanied by staff accompanist Robert Pherigo and directed by director of choirs Steve Perry, with Coleen Dieker on fiddle. 

The concert included a preview of “9 to 5,” and closed out with an all choirs performance of “What a Wonderful World” by Weiss and Thiele.