Students participate in the first math competition of the year

The first math competition of the year was held at Rockhurst High School on Saturday, Oct. 14.


Students are hard at work during the last rounds in the competition. photo by Delaney Hupke

by Delaney Hupke, Writer

Students participated in the first math competition of the year at Rockhurst High School Oct. 14. Sion, Blue Valley West, Pembroke and Rockhurst were all in attendance.

One of the best performances put on at this meet was by third year member of the math team, Julia Kerrigan,  who placed third in the sprint round.

Sophomore, Caroline Willis uses math team as an opportunity to further her knowledge in math and meet new people. For Willis, this was her first competition.

“I haven’t had much experience, but so far I’ve really enjoyed working with people who I don’t usually get the chance to work with,” Willis said.

Math and computer science teachers, Kelsey Romine and Kim Sirridge co-coach the team. This year, they are coaching many new faces.

“With so many new recruits, I think we will have a lot of fun learning from each other and attending competitions with larger representation than we have in the past, and I’m feeling really good about that,” Romine said.