Freshmen volunteer at Blue Valley Park for day of service

The class took saws and clippers and cut down invasive species and planted new greenery.


Freshmen volunteer at Blue Valley Park on Oct. 11. photo by Mara Kugler

by Mary Massman , Lifestyles Editor

The freshmen class visited Blue Valley Park for a day of service Oct. 11. The class used shovels, saws and bush clippers to chop down invasive species such as honeysuckle plants and potted new greenery at the same time.

The students talked with a female volunteer about the importance of the park and the task the students were going to complete. Freshman Margaret Dodderidge appreciated the event.

“[It was] a really good bonding experience,” Dodderidge said. “It was fun getting to know people you never thought you’d be friends with.”

Freshman Kathleen Riffle loves doing local service and enjoying herself at the same time.

“It was very fun, and it felt great to do good for the community,” Riffle said. “I also like to play in the mud.”

Both freshmen said they enjoyed the bugs, the mud, the poison ivy and the fungus.